This site is dedicated to providing tutorials on a variety of game programming topics.

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Current Projects

I am currently working on tutorials for Flash game progamming and C++ game programming. I will probably have to subdivide the C++ stuff according the different platforms (PC, Mac, iOS) and graphics APIs (Direct3D, OpenGL). But first I need to finish the basics (window creation, drawing, timing loops, user input, audio).

I am also working on the source code for several game programs to be used as examples of particular game programming techniques.

These include bitmap image loading and animation(the Ticklish Chicken), touch input (Mole-whacking game), game state management (tile-matching game), etc.

Latest Tutorial

Here's my latest upload to YouTube.

How to Get Started in Game Programming

A frequent question is, "What is the best way to learn game developement?

My answer...and take it for what it's worth since I am a professional educator not a professional game programmer...would be as follows:

Hope this helps.